We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Indigestion: The causes of indigestion are: Drinking water in large quantity, eating at odd time, restrain oneself from passing urine and stools, not having enough sleep and eating too much or too less. Find out first the cause and then try a remedy accordingly. Eat only when you are really hungry. Eat varieties from whole wheat, rice, moong beans, eggplants, well ripe bananas, grapes, milk, ghee, yoghurt, buttermilk only in amount you may able to digest and in appropriate combination, for example you should not eat banana and ghee together or milk and yoghurt together. Indigestion may be cured by two or three days fasting taking only warm water.

There are four types of indigestion: (1) Cough – the symptoms are belching, too much saliva, heavy belly, laziness, fatigue, stiffness and loss of appetite. Fasting is the cure.

(2) Bile – the symptoms are burning sensation to chest, neck and stomach, bitter or hot belching or vomit, giddiness etc.. One or two days fasting during which milk with lump sugar, ice-cream may be taken. After fasting only take milk and bread, milk and rice or parched beaten rice with milk. Then after taking some medicine to get rid of bile, some vegetable may be taken. Pickles, papadom, onions and deep fried food should be avoided.

(3) Gas – the symptoms are constipation, tight belly, windiness in the stomach which becomes worse after eating. The cure is on the first day take just water of boiled mung beans and the following day have some fresh fruit juice and easily digestible food in small quantity. Have a walk of one or two kilometres and take medicines to get rid of gas.

(4) Bile and cough and gas – Any combination of two or more may be the cause of indigestion. The symptoms are big belly because of gas, loss of appetite, or sometimes feeling hungry most of the time, one does not like to eat, belching and constipation. The cure is: always drink boiled water and fast for a day. Have boiled mung beans water and either fresh fruit juice or/and fresh vegetable juice. On the third day eat food easy to digest and in small amount. Have honey with water. Take some Ayurved medicine such as teaspoon of Lavanbhāskar powder or Panchakol powder with fresh buttermilk, Chitrakādivati tablet three times a day, three teaspoon Dashmulāsav after having food.

(5) 10 grams ginger juice, 10 grams lemon juice and 1.5 grams rock salt may help in indigestion.

(6) Eating roasted green tomatoes in steel fry pen with pepper and rock salt may cure indigestion.

(7) Drinking onion juice mixing with juice of bitter melon (gourd-Karela) may cure indigestion.

(8) Cinnamon may cure indigestion.

(9) Make four pieces of a lemon. Keep them in a glass jar adding table salt, pepper and ginger all in a powder form and place the jar in the sun. The lemon will melt in few days. Eating it may cure indigestion.

(10) Sucking lemon with rock salt before food may cure indigestion.

(11) Ginger, pepper, long pepper, (piper dichotomun) and rock salt all in equal weight in buttermilk may cure indigestion.

(12) Rock salt and pepper in buttermilk may cure indigestion.

(13) Taking ginger and rock salt may cure indigestion.

(14) Pepper and long pepper in 1 to 3 grams honey may help in appetite. This should be tried only for two weeks.

(15) Taking ginger and lemon juice with rock salt before food may cure indigestion.

(16) Taking ginger powder and myrobalan powder in the morning in empty stomach may help digestive system.

(17) Taking a small amount (about 0.1-0.2 gram) of asafoetida (hing) in ghee may cure indigestion.

(18) Half a teaspoon of papaya sap with sugar may cure indigestion.

(19) Drinking boiled water of fruit of garcinia indica (kokam) with ghee may cure indigestion.

(20) Eating pineapple with pepper and rock salt may cure indigestion.

(21) Eating garlic, sugar and rock salt in equal weight adding twice the amount of ghee (mixed thoroughly) may cure indigestion.

(22) Eating thoroughly mixed 5 grams ginger and 5 grams jaggery (treacle) may cure indigestion.

(23) Eat 1 to 2 grams of mustard seeds with some sugar and drink 50 to 60 ml water. This may cure indigestion.

(24) 10 grams onion juice, 5 grams ginger juice, 0.16 gram asafoetida (hing), some salt and water may cure indigestion. If required the same may be taken after two hours.

(25) Eating garlic fried in oil or paste-like preparation of garlic with other articles of food with meal may cure indigestion.

(26) Eating extract of aniseed or raw or roast aniseed may cure indigestion.



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