We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Dysentery: (1) Boil barley in water four times in weight of barley up to three to four effervescences. Put a lid and leave for an hour, then strain it. This is barley water. This water may cure dysentery.

(2) Boil 50 grams pomegranate (Dādam) fruit skin and 7.5 grams clove powder in 500 ml water with lid on for 15 minutes. Strain after cooling down and drink 25 to 50 ml of it three times a day to cure dysentery if you are suffering from it for not very long time.

(3) If food is not allowed in dysentery, bananas may be taken.

(4) Take yoghurt, dill seeds powder and fenugreek powder and mix them thoroughly and drink. This may help in dysentery.

(5) 2 to 3 grams mango kernel with honey may help in dysentery.

(6) Mango kernel in yoghurt or buttermilk is useful in dysentery.

(7) If blood coming out with tools, then taking 20 grams mango leaf juice, 10 grams honey, 5 grams ghee, and 10 grams milk all well mixed may help.

(8) Carrot soup without salt or any spices may cure dysentery.

(9) Fasting is important in dysentery.

(10) Burn pieces of betel nuts on a baking pan until they are black and make powder. Take it with buttermilk.

(11) Take a little nutmeg (about 0.2 to 0.3 gram with juice of one lemon.

(12) Roasted ripe mango kernel may help in dysentery.

(13) Take cinnamon powder four times a day. This should be taken for only four or five days because cinnamon may cause impotency.

(14) Eating two or three bananas and three glasses orange juice may help in dysentery.

(15) A tea spoon powder of mango kernel in thick buttermilk three times a day may help in dysentery.

(16) Add juice of half lemon to half a saucer milk and drink immediately. Do not take milk after this, and do not eat wheat in any form. Milk and lemon juice should be taken twice a day. This will cure dysentery within two or three days.

(17) If the cause of dysentery is indigestion, then mix saffron, nutmeg and mace all in powder form in equal proportion. Take about 0.3 gram with teaspoon honey twice a day. Also boil at low heat 250 grams very fine powder of bark of tree helleborus niger (kadaachhaal) in two litres water constantly stirring until it becomes lump. Make small pills of about 0.3 gram and let them dry where there is no direct sunlight. Take two pills three times a day and restrain from eating food causing dysentery.

(18) Eat only well ripe bananas mixed in fresh yogurt (should not be sour at all). Not any other food should be taken until dysentery is cured.

(19) Eating just five petals of rose may help in dysentery, but eating more than five may cause dysentery.


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