Loss of appetite

We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Loss of appetite (1) Eating pomegranate (dadim) may help in loss of appetite.

(2) Mix pepper, rock salt and natron (hydrated sodium carbonate) to pomegranate juice and drink it.

(3) Eating ginger and jiggery may help in loss of appetite.

(4) Try fried garlic in ghee with bread or chapatti in case of loss of appetite.

(5) Cut lemon in two halves. Put ginger, pepper, cumin seed and rock salt all in powder form on both of them and warm them up. Sucking them may help in loss of appetite.

(6) Sock two tea spoon tamarinds in a glass of water overnight. Put jiggery, pepper and cardamom in the morning and drink.

(7) Make paste of 80 grams seeded dates, water of 10 grams tamarind, 5 grams raisins, 2 grams chilli powder, 2 grams ginger powder and salt according to your taste and eat.

(8) Drinking lemon juice with water and sugar may help.

(9) Crush and make paste of fresh spearmint (fudino), dry dates, pepper, rock salt, asafoetida (hing), raisins and cumin seeds. Add lemon juice to it and eat.

(10) Try drinking ginger juice and lemon juice 10 grams each adding 1.5 grams rock salt first thing in the morning.

(11) Pomegranate (dadim) juice with rock salt and honey may help.

(12) Crush coriander seeds, cumin seeds, pepper, spearmint (fudino), rock salt and raisins all together and add lemon juice to make paste. Eat it with food. This may help in loss of appetite.

(13) Eat coriander seeds, cardamom and pepper all in powder form mixed with ghee and lump sugar powder.

(14) Eat spearmint, ginger, coriander powder and rock salt boiled in tomato juice with food.

(15) Spread ginger and rock salt powder on pieces of tomatoes and eat them.

(16) A paste of garlic, coriander plant, ginger, sultana, sugar and rock salt may help in loss of appetite. It also helps digestion.

(17) Mix lemon juice and sugar in water and drink.

(18) Mix a very fine powder of ginger, pepper, long pepper and rock salt 10 grams each with 400 grams sultana. Keep it in a container and eat 5 to 20 grams twice a day.

(19) Make a paste of 200 grams ginger (skin taken off) and bake in 200 grams ghee until red, then add 400 grams jiggery and continue to bake until it is viscous form. Eat 10 grams of it twice a day morning and evening.

(20) Bake black small molybdenum and crush to powder. Mix rock salt powder to it and take a teaspoon of it with water before going to bed at night.

(21) Take molybdenum, long pepper, ginger and  pepper all in equal weight and in powder form. Mix jiggery twice the weight of them all and make pills of about 0.4  gram. Take two pills three times a day. This may help in loss of appetite, indigestion and coughing.

(22) Try drinking juice of a lemon in a glass of water adding a teaspoon sodium-bi-carbonate five minutes before meal.

(23) Mix ginger, pepper and natron (all in powder form) with lump sugar powder. Add lemon juice to make small pills. Take a pill at night before going to bed.

(24) Tamarind drink with cumin powder may help in loss of appetite.

(25) Drink one glass fresh (not sour) thick buttermilk adding mustard seed, cumin seed, asafoetida, ginger and rock salt all in powder form.

(26) Mix pomegranate juice, rock salt and honey and eat it.

(27) The remedy to loss of appetite depends on the cause of it. If the cause is gas (vat), then one should take anima. If excess of secretion of liver (pitta) is the cause then purging. If cough is the cause then vomiting is the remedy. If stress is the cause then eat tasty delicious food that is varieties that one likes most.

(28) Eating powder of roots and twigs of the plant piper longum (ganthoda) with few drops of lemon juice before meal may help.

(29) Mix a teaspoon ginger juice and a teaspoon lemon juice and add cardamom powder and ganthoda powder and eat before lunch and dinner. This may improve digestive power and also improve appetite within a week.


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