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Prickly Heat-અળાઈ

જુલાઇ 20, 2011

Prickly Heat-અળાઈ (1) Rubbing mango kernel powder dissolved in water all over the body may protect against prickly heat and if you are suffering from it, it may be cured.

(2) Tamarind drink may help in very short time to get rid of prickly heat.

(3) Get fresh juice of bitter gourd (karela). Add a pinch of sodium-bi-carbonate and massage affected part of the body to cure prickly heat.

(4) Rubbing orange juice or powder of dry orange may cure prickly heat.

(5) Rubbing soapstone (silicate of magnesia) powder after shower (bath) may protect from prickly heat.


જુલાઇ 3, 2011

We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Weakness (1) Eating a teaspoon of liquorice root powder with honey and then having a cup of milk may get rid of physical weakness as well as may help in mind powder.

(2) Few drops of sap of banyan tree with sugar-biscuit may help in weakness. This also helps in heart trouble and weakness of neurones in the brain.

(3) Eating cardamom, dates and raisins with honey may help in weakness.

(4) Here is a remedy to help in a weakness due to hard physical strain. Roast pumpkin kernel powder in ghee, add lump sugar and eat it for few days.

(5) Eating onions roasted in ghee with a small amount of pudding made of wheat semolina, ghee and sugar may help in regaining strength after recovering from sickness.

(6) Eating about 20 dates and drinking a glass of milk every day may help in weakness. But this depends on digestive power also. Or one may adjust the amount of dates according to one’s digestive strength.

(7) Eating 100 grams dates and 50 grams sultana everyday may help underweight patient in regain weight.

(8) Carrot juice helps in weakness.

(9) Eating three to four bananas after meal may help in weakness. (This may depend on digestive strength)

(10) Drink a cup of milk with a teaspoon of honey.

(11) Boil figs in milk, drink it and then eat figs.

(12) If someone has lost lot of blood because of bleeding, then try eating dates and then on top of that drink milk with ghee.

(13) Orange juice helps in weakness.

(14) Eating five dates shallow fried in ghee and then rice and then having half an hour sleep may help in weakness.

(15) Add one dried fig and 5 to 10 almonds and some lump sugar to milk. Boil it and drink milk and eat fig and almonds. This may purify blood, reduce body temperature and may help in weakness.

(16) Eating gram-sprout first thing in the morning chewing thoroughly as much quantity as one is able to digest may help in weakness.

(17) Soak 15 grains of gram in 50 ml water for 24 hours. Eat one grain at a time in the morning empty stomach chewing thoroughly. This may give good strength.