We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Hydrocele (1) Wrap around testicles gram flour dissolved in water adding some honey in case of hydrocele.

(2) Eat rock salt powder with cow ghee for seven days.

(3) Peel off raw papaya and cut in half. Take out all the seeds. Cover all the parts (viz. testicles and penis) securely with piece of cloth. This may be more convenient before going to bed.

(4) Put some storax on to a tobacco leaf and wrap it on the testicles. This may cure hydrocele within two or four days.



2 Responses to “Hydrocele”

  1. અનામિક Says:

    How much cow ghee and how much rock salt should be specified.

  2. ગાંડાભાઈ વલ્લભ Says:

    I think Ghee should be according to your digestive power. It cannot be specified as each individual may have different digestive power. Rock salt will depend on your test in proportion to Ghee.

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