We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Migraine (1) Tide up ginger and jiggery in a piece of clean cloth and squeeze juice. Put few drops in to both nostrils.

(2) Apply ghee on both sides of carrot leaf, warm it up and squeeze juice. Put a drop in to each ear and also nostril.

(3) Soak tobacco leaves in water and strain with the help of a clean cloth. Put two drops in to each nostril and also rub water on the crown of head.

(4) Boil milk to condense into lump. Add lump sugar and eat.

(5) Soak raisins and coriander seeds in cold water. Put into liquidizer, strain and drink.

(6) Crush garlic and put on lobes of ears.

(7) Put few drops of garlic juice in to nose.

(8) Mix 5 to 6 threads of saffron, half teaspoon powdered lump sugar and a teaspoon ghee and warm up until all fully dissolved. Put five to six drops in to each nostril. Refrain eating sour things.



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