Chronic Rheumatism (Amvat-આમવાત)

We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Chronic Rheumatism (Amvat-આમવાત): In chronic rheumatism each and every joint swells and there is unbearable pain. In some cases it changes joints day by day and in other there may be pain in all joints.

(1) Eat five buds of garlic fried in ghee just before each meal

(2) Soak 100 grams dates in water, crush, strain and drink. This may help in rheumatism.

(3) Drink every morning 10 grams ginger juice, 10 grams lemon juice and 1.5 grams rock salt.

(4) Soak a betel nut in water overnight. Crush to make powder in the morning. Add pulp of tamarind to make a big pill and swallow it. Drink as much warm water as to have soft stool to get rid of undigested food (āmras-આમરસ).

(5) Take kernel of castor-oil seeds and ginger in equal amount. Add sugar of same amount to make pills. Take these pills in the morning.

(6) Take 60-60 grams lemon juice every four hours to cure rheumatism.

(7) Taking 4 grams fenugreek powder and 4 grams ginger powder with jiggery may help in rheumatism.

(8) Crush a little (not to make powder) coriander seeds, ginger and roots of castor-oil plant all in equal amount. Add a tea spoon of it to two glasses of water and boil until it reduces to a cup full. Strain it to drink. This should be continue every morning and evening up to a month to cure rheumatism. Or make very fine powder of coriander seeds, ginger and roots of castor oil plant. Soak in a glass of water overnight, strain and drink in the morning. Again soak in the morning and drink in the evening.

(9) Boil at low heat 100 grams water adding 2 grams ginger powder and then add a table spoon castor oil. Drink first thing in the morning.



4 Responses to “Chronic Rheumatism (Amvat-આમવાત)”

  1. Piyuni no pamrat( પિયુનીનો પમરાટ ) Says:

    can taking castor oil tablets …in soft gelatin covering help?

  2. અનામિક Says:

    Very good suggetion.

  3. ગાંડાભાઈ વલ્લભ Says:

    Thank you Anonymous.

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