Fast-abstention from food

We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Fast-abstention from food: When there is a disorder in health, particularly suffering from digestive disorder or common cold, then fasting is best remedy without spending a cent even. Not only that but in some cases no medicines may help but fasting and also very quickly. In some other cases sometimes fasting may be a best prevention. We purify our mind and body by fasting as it may get rid of toxins from our body. We may regain lost appetite, we may forget lethargy, feel energetic and all our organs may become clean and work properly. In my experience it helps in healing process after some surgery. If a fast is of long duration (five days or more), then it needs particular care while breaking. It should be perform under a supervision of an expert in fasting or your trusted health provider.



One Response to “Fast-abstention from food”

  1. sajidq Says:

    bahuj sary lage che ke gujrat ma koi to che ke je manv seva kare che thank u ek vinnati su aap aa dava bata vi sako jena thi stabhan shakti vadhari sakay
    કામશકિત વધારવા આયુર્વેદિક દવાઓ

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