We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Vomit: (1) Drinking 10 grams ginger juice and 10 grams onion juice mixed together in water may help in vomiting.

(2) Crush 10 grams raisins and 10 grams coriander seeds finely and mix in water. Drink it to stop vomit caused by bile (PITTA).

(3) Banana tree juice (water) mixed with honey may help in vomit.

(4) 3 grams ginger powder and 3 grams GANTHODA (knotty roots and twigs of the plant piper longum) powder mixed in honey may help in vomit.

(5) Make a paste of nutmeg by rubbing it on a stone with rice water and drink it to stop vomiting.

(6) Take 200 ml tomato juice and add 50 grams lump sugar powder, pinch of pepper and clove powder and drink it. This may help in vomit.

(7) Cinnamon may help in vomit. (Prolonged use of cinnamon should be avoided as it may cause impotencey.)

(8) Two or three drops cinnamon oil in a cup of water may help in vomit.

(9) Boil water adding cinnamon. Strain it and drink to stop vomiting.

(10) Make ash by burning rough uppermost soft layer of whole coconut. Take a teaspoon of it with a teaspoon honey to help in vomit.

(11) Taking pepper powder and common salt together may help in vomit.

(12) Drinking water boiled with curry leaves may stop vomit.

(13) Cut a lemon horizontally in two. Sprinkle ginger powder and rock salt on both halves and heat them up and suck its juice. This may help in vomit caused by indigestion.

(14) Cut a lemon in few pieces and sprinkle sugar on them. Suck its juice to stop vomiting caused by upset stomach.

(15) Boil in water coarse powder of roasted mung (a kind of pulse). Add parched rice, honey and powdered lump sugar and drink it. This may help in vomit. It also helps in burning sensation, temperature and loose motion.

(16) Add flour of roasted lentil to juice of well ripe pomegranate (DADIM) and drink it to stop vomit.

(17) Burn dry orange to ash. Eat it adding some honey to stop vomit.

(18) Make a paste of asafoetida (HING) in water and put it on belly to stop vomit.

(19) Burn whole cardamom with husk to ash and eat 1 gram of it with a teaspoon honey to stop vomit caused by excessive cough.

(20) Soak tamarind in water. Crush thoroughly and strain. Drink it to stop vomit caused by excessive bile secretion (PITT).

(21) Boil barley in four times water until four or five effervescence. Leave it for an hour with lid on and then strain it. Drinking this barley water may help in vomit.

(22) Burn empty ear of maize to ash. Take 0.5 to 0.75 gram with honey. This may stop vomit immediately.

(23)  Two to three drops of clove oil with sugar may stop vomit.

(24) Pound mustard to make fine powder, add water to make thick paste and place all over belly. Place a tight bandage. This may stop vomit.

(25)  A drink of water with lemon juice and sugar may stop vomit in some cases.

(26) Essence of funnel seeds may help in vomit.

(27) Crush and extract juice from young leaves of baniyan tree (VAD). Drinking it may stop vomit. This may help in blood vomiting also.

(28) Eat myrobalan powder with honey to stop vomit.

(29) To stop vomit caused by indigestion, drink two tea spoon ginger juice, two tea spoon mint juice and two tea spoon onion juice mixed together.

(30) Mix one quarter teaspoon rock salt powder in a teaspoon honey and eat slowly to stop vomit.

(31) Drink water mixed with crushed fresh curry leaves to stop blood vomit.

(32) To stop a pregnant woman vomit give her a drink of rice water mixed with 3 grams coriander powder and 10 grams lump sugar powder.


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