Appendix: The infection and swelling to appendix causes pain to the lower right side of abdomen. It also causes constipation, vomiting and eventually pain becomes unbearable. The body gets temperature, heartbeats slow down, and one feels uneasiness. If this disorder is diagnosed at very early stage, then castor oil may be taken. Never ever massage or apply any fomentation. Drink unripe coconut water with glucose if thirsty. The pain may be lessened if enema of water with little asafoetida taken.

(1) Soak black top soil in water. Put it on belly where appendix is. Change soil frequently at short periods of time. Fast for three days i.e. take only water as mentioned above. Take only strained water of boiled whole green gram (a kind of pulse) about 100 ml. on the fourth day. Take that water 200 ml. on fifth day and sixth day. Eat well boiled mung (whole green gram) on seventh day just to satiate hunger, but do not over eat. You may have well cooked rice with mung (whole green gram) on eighth day. Vegetable and ROTTI may be taken from ninth day. This may cure appendix forever. One may not suffer from it again.  

(2) A certain kind of posture called PASHCHIMOTTANASAN for three minutes every day may cure appendix.       


(3) Eat ginger, lemon and rock salt before meal.

(4) If appendix is in early stage, it may be cured taking castor oil and eating only liquid food for four-five days or fasting. You may not need an operation. (5) If appendix is not acute, then taking a tea spoon castor oil twice a day morning and evening may cure it without operation.




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