We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Allergy (1) Mix 2 grams knotty roots of piper longum (Ganthoda) powder, 2 grams liquorice root-jethimadh  (glycyrrhiza glabra) powder and 1 gram specially prepared (evaporating its water content) alum powder and take morning and evening. It may get rid of allergy within seven days.

(2) Eating fresh turmeric root pieces chewing thoroughly may help in allergy of any kind.

(3) There is a disorder caused by allergy in which one having round sore or scar on the skin with unbearable itching. Get some hirongia sapida (CHAROLI). Make paste by crushing thoroughly and spread over affected area. Restrain eating sweet, common salt and any sour food. This may cure the disorder within a month. You may smear ashes of burned dry cow dung over affected area to get temporary relief from itching.

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