Back pain

We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Back pain (1) Back pain is caused by gas, therefore the best remedy is garlic. Garlic can be consumed in a way suitable to you, generally mixing with other foods.

(2) One-bud garlic is very effective. Take a one-bud garlic. Crush it and eat with sesame oil at the time of lunch and dinner for two to three weeks.

(3) Massage the back with warm sesame oil, coconut oil or any vegetable oil. Then pour water as hot as you can manage on affected area. Doing this two to three times may help in back pain.

(4) Mix bishop’s weed seeds and jiggery in equal weight. Take 5 grams morning and evening every day to help in back pain.

(5) Boil 5 dates in water adding 5 grams fenugreek powder and drink it. It may get rid of back pain.

(6) Boil two cups milk with two tea spoon castor oil, half tea spoon ginger powder and half tea spoon fenugreek powder. You should refrain from food according to the cause of back pain.

(7) Heat up mustard oil with ginger powder and bishop’s weed seeds. Massage affected area with it to help in back pain.

Exercise to cure back pain: (1) Sit down on floor. Keep both legs together stretching forward. Try to hold big toes of both legs.

(2) Lay down on your back and keep legs straight up.

(3) Lie down on the floor upside down. Keep both feet at an angle and try to touch floor with your nose.

(4) Lie down on your back. Raise both feet straight up and try to touch your knees with nose.

(5) Lie down on your back. Keep your legs up. Try to touch your chest with your leg one by one.

(6) Lie down upside down. Raise and lower your legs one by one.

(7) Sit straight in a chair. Try to touch your knees with your head.

Breathing Exercise in Back pain: A kind of breathing exercise is very effective in back pain if it is done correct way. But if it is done incorrect way it can be harmful. Breath out through mouth as much as possible. (More you breath out more you benefit.) Now hold your breath out as long as possible. You may get relief from back pain more quickly if you can hold your breath out longer. When you cannot hold your breath out, then breath in through nose. If this exercise is done for half an hour continuous, then there is a possibility of 80% relief immediately. This is my own experience.



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