We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.


(1)  Make juice of 500 grams jambul (rose-apple). Strain it through a piece of cloth. Add fine powdered rock salt one sixth of juice. Keep it in an airtight bottle for a week. Drinking some of it alternate morning for few days may cure jaundice.

(2)  Mix castor-oil plant leaf stalk thoroughly in yogurt and eat it for three to seven days. This may give energy to sufferer of jaundice.

(3)  Add 5 grams turmeric powder to 100 grams fresh thick buttermilk of cow milk and drink every day morning and evening. This may get rid of jaundice within a week.

(4)  Eat 40 grams yogurt with 10 grams turmeric powder added  to it to cure jaundice.

(5)  Eating white onion, jiggery and turmeric powder together is a cure to jaundice.

(6)  Eat ripe bananas with honey to get help in jaundice.

(7)  Ginger powder with jiggery or ginger juice with jiggery may help in jaundice.

(8)  If you are suffering from jaundice, drink bitter gourd juice first thing in the morning empty stomach. Also take juice of bottle gourd, carrot, beetroot, cucumber and apple all mixed together. Juice of pompom, fresh turmeric, fresh grapes, orange and mandarins may also be taken. Eat sugar-cane kept outside in open overnight. Refrain from alcohol and do not eat fatty foods.

(9)  Eating inner flash of blade of aloe sprinkling some turmeric powder may also help in jaundice.

(10)      Drink carrot juice with honey.

(11)      Sprinkle cooking soda on quarters of lemon and suck it first thing in the morning. This may cure jaundice.

(12)      Mix 2 t0 4 grams sodium bicarbonate to 100 to 200 grams yogurt and eat it for three days, and jaundice will disappear.

(13)      Drinking water boiled with carrots may give energy and increase blood after recovery from jaundice.

(14)      Eating fresh radish including its leaves and sugar-cane may help in jaundice.

(15)      If you eat unripe pompom vegetable without salt or any kind of spices and ripe pompom as much as can be eaten, then jaundice may be cured.

(16)      Two teaspoon nimb tree leaves juice with two teaspoon honey may help in jaundice.


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