We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.


(1)  Placing banana skin over tonsils may help in tonsillitis.

(2)  Mix turmeric powder and honey and spread over tonsils. This may help in swollen tonsils.

(3)  Gargling lukewarm water dissolving common salt may help in tonsillitis pain.

(4)  Gargling water dissolving honey in it may help in tonsillitis.

(5)  Take a tea spoon turmeric powder and a tea spoon sugar and then drink slowly milk as hot as you can. This may help in tonsillitis.

(6)  Put a piece of cinnamon, five to seven pepper and seven-eight basil leaves on a betel leaf and close it. Chew it slowly to swallow juice of it every morning and evening to get help in tonsillitis.

(7)  Gargling water boiled with fenugreek seeds every two hours may help in tonsillitis.

(8)  Boil a cup of water. Add to it a tea spoon turmeric powder, a tea spoon lump sugar powder and a tea spoon liquorice root-jethimadh  (glycyrrhiza glabra) powder. Keep a mouthful of it for a while and then drink it. Repeat this every morning and evening. This may cure tonsillitis within four or five days.


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