We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Ear-noise : Sometimes air bubbles block the veins carrying sound resulting continuous sound in the ears. It may be cured by following treatment that suit you.

(1)  Add little rock salt to goat urine and warm it up. Put few drops in both ears in case of ear-noise.

(2)  Put betel leaf juice in the ears may help in ear-noise.

(3)  Mix garlic and turmeric and put in the ears. This may help in ear-noise.

(4)  If its cause is cough, then mix ginger, jiggery and ghee in equal amount and eat about a betel nut size every day first thing in the morning with empty stomach. This may help in digestive power and eventually help in ear-noise.

(5)  Mix 1 part honey, 2 parts ginger juice, 1 part sesame oil and some rock salt. Put in ears three times a day. It may help in ear-noise after long treatment.

Ear Care

(1)  Do not scratch ear with anything.

(2)  Do not blow ear.

(3)  Do not slap cheek or ear.

(4)  Do not hit on head.

(5)  Stay away from excessive noise.

(6)  Put ear plugs particularly to young children at the time of bath.

(7)  Clean ears after bath or shower with clean dry towel.

(8)  Put drops of warm oil in to ears from very childhood.



One Response to “Ear-noise”

  1. અનામિક Says:

    very good guide lines given by you for taking vare of ears.
    Thank you,

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