Worms in Digestive Tract

We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Worms in Digestive Tract

One may suffer from worms if the hands are not washed before eating, if water or food is contaminated or fruits are eaten unwashed or kept in open after cutting. Young children suffer more of worms than adults. If a person suffering from worms continues eating sweets, jiggery, chocolates etc. then he/she may have constipation and worms would increase many fold. This will cause stomach ache, dysentery, vomit, loss of appetite, indigestion or sometimes feeling hungry all the time, itching, lethargy.

(1)    Take a teaspoon powder salt with water five minutes before meal morning and evening every day. The worms may be threw away either by vomit or by stools.

(2)   Take one or two teaspoon pomegranate skin and pound it little bit. Boil it in a glass of water until half the water evaporates. Drink it empty stomach in the morning. The following day take myrobalan as a purgative medicine. This may get rid of tape-worms.

(3)   Taking one or two table spoon juice of neem tree leaves may help in worm complain.

(4)   Eat cooked bitter gourd or drink bitter gourd juice.

(5)   If one takes a teaspoon powder of dried papaya seed with fresh yogurt, all the worms may get out.

(6)   Eating pineapple may cause all the worms melt like water, thus it may be best remedy for children.

(7)   Crush a good quality betel nut and take with warm water 3-4 times a day.

(8)   Taking juice of bitter gourd plant leaves with warm water may kill all the worms in the digestive track.

(9)   Put some asafoetida in vegetable oil and heat it up. Then add tomato juice to it. Drinking this juice may help in worms problem.

(10)   Orange may help in getting rid of worms.

(11)   Soak a handful of bangle gram in vinegar overnight, and eat in the morning empty stomach. This may kill all the worms.

(12)   Boil drumstick in water. Strain and add some honey after cooled down. Drink it twice a day.

(13)   Drink 2-3 grams common salt dissolved in water first thing in the morning for few days. This may get rid of small worms and stop forming new ones. It may also help to improving digestive power.

(14)   Take powder of ginger and embelia ribes seeds (WAVDING) with honey to get rid of worms.

(15)        Mix 10 grams sap of raw papaya and 10 grams honey to 40 grams boiling water. Let it cool down  and then drink it. Take castor oil after two  hours as a purgative. This may get rid of round worms. (If you suffer from stomach ache as a result, drink lemon juice with sugar.)

(16)       Drink a glass of thick butter milk with a table spoon bishop’s weed seed powder morning and evening. It may help in worms problem.

(17)       In case of children suffering with worms give them raw or ripe papaya juice with sugar lump powder to drink. The worms may come out with excretion.

(18)       Drink of cow urine mixing with jute seed powder may cure worms forever.

(19)       Extract some juice of lemon leaves by pounding them. Add half the amount honey to it and take for seven days. Take purgative drug on the eighth day. This may get rid of all the worms.

(20)       Crush rock salt and mango like fragrant turmeric (AMBA HALDAR) together and take it with warm water.  It may help in worms.

(21)       Taking a tea spoon of dry mango kernel powder morning and evening every day for three months may get rid of worms.




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  1. sanjiv sheth Says:

    any one can know the address of vidhacharya gandabhi vallabh.
    pl.send me on sos basis.its very urgent as my mom suffring from hepetetise d.
    please help

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