We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.


(1)    Rubbing basil (TULSI) juice on the affected area may help in itching .

(2)   Burn dried hog-plums (AMLA) to ashes. Mix it in to sesame oil and apply on the skin in case of itching. If itching is severe it may be applied three-four times a day.

(3)   Drink juice of amaranthus tenuifolius (TANDALJO)  with powdered  lump sugar to get rid of itching.

(4)   Make very fine powder of black pepper and sulphur. Mix it thoroughly in ghee and apply to affected area and sit in sun to cure itching.

(5)   Eating coconut and massaging coconut oil may help in itching.

(6)   Have a bath of water boiled with  banyan tree bark after cooling down to help in itching.

(7)   Eating myrobalan (HARDE) with jiggery may cure itching.

(8)   Burn betel nut to ashes and mix it in to sesame oil. Apply it on the affected area four times a day. This may help in itching.

(9)   Pound mandarin skin after drying on stone finely and apply to affected area if you are suffering from itching.

(10)  Food Restriction: Refrain eating sweet varieties and food of hot nature. If this is ignored then it is very hard to get rid of itching using how so good medicines.



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