We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.


(1)    Drinking tomato juice morning and evening every day and consuming less common salt may help in scabies.

(2)    Mix tomato juice and twice the amount of coconut oil.  Massage over the body to help in scabies and itching.

(3)   Mix papaya sap and borax in boiling water and smear on affected area to help in scabies when it is cool enough.

(4)   Cut a lemon in two halves and sprinkle fine rock salt powder and dry them, then make powder. Taking this powder may help in scabies and eczema.

(5)   Massage lemon juice and coconut oil on to scabies affected area to cure it. One should have shower with hot water if suffering from scabies and wash clothes in hot water every day. This may cure dry scabies.

(6)   Massaging linseed oil may cure scabies.

(7)   Apply barley flour mixed with sesame oil and butter milk if you are suffering from scabies.

(8)   Massaging bangle gram powder mixed in water may help in scabies.



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