We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

(1)    Eat barley flour and lump sugar in equal weight, if a woman is having miscarriages.

(2)   Eat custard apple seeds if a woman wants an abortion.

(3)   If a woman is pregnant and she takes a table spoon dry ficus religiosa (a tree sacred to hindus-Pippal tree – PIPALO) bark powder with water every day, she may have no trouble for nine months and may have a beautiful healthy child.

(4)   If a woman is having miscarriage she may try a teaspoon ginger powder in two cups of milk morning and evening regularly up to the last day.

Generally there is no side effects of eating ginger.

(5)   If vitamin c is consumed in plentitude, the chances of miscarriage are reduced significantly, because miscarriage happens when a protective layer around the fetus is broken. If there is enough vitamin c in the body, then it may not happen as vitamin c strengthen this protective layer. That is why it is advisable for a pregnant woman to consume as much food as possible containing vitamin c.



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