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Tuberculosis (T.B.)

ઓક્ટોબર 10, 2012

We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Tuberculosis (T.B.)

(1)    The meaning of the word used for tuberculosis in Gujarati is annihilation, destruction- the destruction of the seven dhatus or constituents of the body. The sufferer starts losing weight.

(2)   Soak black grams (Urid dhal) in water. Pound it and add salt, black pepper powder, asafoetida, cumin seed powder, garlic and ginger and prepare pancake in ghee or oil and eat them. This may help in tuberculosis.

(3)   Electuary medicine prepared of pumpkin is very useful in tuberculosis. It may be prepared in this way. Take off skin, seeds and soft middle part of good ripe pumpkin. Make small pieces. Cook 1.5 kilo of them in 2 kilo water. Strain juice with the help of clean cloth. Keep juice aside. Cook again boiled pumpkin in 170 grams ghee in copper pot until it is brown. Mix strained juice to it and add 1.5 kilo sugar to make electuary preparation. Add powder of long pepper, ginger, cumin seeds each 40 grams and powder of coriander, cinnamomum ( TAMAL) Leaf, cardamom, black pepper, cinnamon each 10 grams and mix it by stirring for 15-20 minutes. Add 160 grams honey when it is cool down. This is pumpkin electuary. It is very rich, nourishing, nutritive. Eating it regularly may help in T.B..

(4)    Mix thoroughly all in equal weight dates, raisins, lump sugar powder, ghee, honey and long pepper powder and eat 20-30 grams of it every day. This may help in T.B. and coughing caused by it.

(5)   It is very helpful to TB patient to eat freshly prepared butter with honey.  (Honey should be twice the amount of butter.)

(6)   Boil cow milk with little ghee in it and add garlic juice or crushed garlic to it and drink. This may cure TB.

(7)   Bottle gourd is very beneficial to TB patient.

(8)   Eating cowrie (a kind of seashell) ashes (કોડીભસ્મ-KODI BHASM) with butter may help in TB.

(9)   A TB patient should eat pumpkin as much as it can be digested. A kind of sweet variety (called BARPHY-બરફી)of pumpkin is very useful.

(10)       Boil 250 grams milk adding 7 long peppers and drink it with all the peppers. Add one more pepper on the following day. Go on increasing 1 pepper each day up to 11 days. You should increase amount of milk also as much as you can digest. Then from 12th day go on decreasing 1 pepper every day and amount of milk day by day coming back to original 7 peppers on the 21st day and then stop. This may help TB patient.

(11)            Mix honey and lump sugar in equal weight and half the amount ghee (made of cow milk) and eat a table spoon every day along with other TB medication. This may cure TB within six months.