We recommend consulting your health provider to treat any disorder. The purpose of this information is purely educational.

Phlegm (1) Take skin off of 200 grams fresh root ginger and grate it. Cook it in 200 grams ghee until red. Add 400 grams jiggery and keep on low heat until it is viscous form. Eating this about 10 grams every day morning and evening may get rid of excessive phlegm problem. This is also good for new mother.

(2) Take 10 to 15 grams ginger juice with some honey. It may help in reducing phlegm from throat. It also helps in gas trouble, heart problem and stomach ache; it will help in appetite and food craving.

(3) Ginger juice, lemon juice and honey mixed together may help in coughing.

(4) When phlegm becomes very dry and sticks to inside of chest, it causes severe coughing. Smear  edible oil on chest and warm it with common salt tied in a piece of cloth keeping near hot stove.

(5) Boil onion pieces in water and drink to get help in phlegm.

(6) Eating well ripe betel nut may help in phlegm.

(7) Fresh mint (PHUDINO) juice or extract may get rid of phlegm.

(8) Eating two to four dried figs boiled in milk morning and evening and then drinking the milk may help in reducing phlegm.

(9) Eating 40 grams roasted chick peas and then drinking 100 grams milk before going to bed may get rid of phlegm in wind pipe in the following morning.

(10) Take ginger, black pepper, long pepper and rock salt each 10 grams in fine powder form and 400 grams seeded raisins. Mix them thoroughly and eat 5 to 20 grams morning and evening to cure phlegm problem.

(11) A small tea spoon muster powder with water may help in getting rid of phlegm. It can be given to children also, but in very low quantity.

(12) Mix cardamom powder, rock salt, ghee and honey and eat it to have relief in phlegm problem.

(13) Drinking cocoa is helpful in continuous coughing as cocoa contains theobromine which is good in phlegm disorder.

(14) Take carbonate of potash, borax powder, long pepper and myrobalan powder in equal weight and jiggery twice the weight of all these. Mix all and put on very low heat until it is thick enough to make small tablets of about a gram. Sucking two tablets three times a day may help in phlegm problem in throat and also in asthma, coughing, stomach ache, and other phlegm disorders.

(15) Take 1.5 grams mace powder and 1 gram nutmeg powder and eat with a tea spoon honey to cure all kind of phlegm disorders. This is also effective in dry coughing caused by VAYUVIKAR (gas disorder).

(16) Messaging chest with sesame oil and then fomenting every day may reduce phlegm in blood. (17) Add a pinch of muster powder and a table spoon lump sugar powder to milk and boil. Drink it to clear blocked nose caused by phlegm.

(18) If you have excessive phlegm and it is coming out from throat then take a tea spoon raw or roasted celery seeds (AJAMO) or its powder with water morning, noon and evening if it is suitable to you, that is if it does not have any adverse effect on you.

(19) Take powder of five to seven cloves with tea spoon honey to get rid of phlegm problems.



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